These are links to the sites of friends of mine and some people I wish were friends - all are either people I draw inspiration from or whose work interests me. Right click and open the following bolded links or text in a new browser window.

These are in no particular order, so, if your name is presented below, please do not be offended at your "placement". I draw inspiration of one sort or another from each of them.


Frank Cho  ---

Brandon Peterson ---

J.G. Jones ---

Jimmy Cheung ---

Billy Tucci ---

Brian Pulido ---

Joshua Middleton ---

Adam Hughes --- 

Christine Nolen (Yes, my sister): Raven's View Jewelry

Allison Sohn:

Kurt Krol:

Steve Hanks:

Sasha Yosselani:

Sara Richard:


Martin Bailey:

Steven Francis:

Bambi Cantrell:

Tiffany Tagle:

Andrew Houser:

Michael Kenna:

Vincent Versace:

Zack Arias:!/index

Joe McNally:!/index

David duChemin:

Stephanie Schneider:

Konstantin Kryukovsky:

Geraldine Lamanna:


Atomic Fan Girl Pop Culture review ---

Hobo Trashcan pop culture review ---

Marc Nathan - Founder of the Baltimore Comic-Con and owner of Cards, Comics and Collectibles


The American Rogues ---

The Rogues ---

Circa Paleo ---

Jenny O'Connor ---

Empty Flask:


Scythian ---

Lisa Hannigan:

Julie Fowlis: